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Pre-Purchase Equine Exams

Equine Pre Purchase Examination

An equine pre-purchase examination is strongly recommended prior to acquiring any horse. Horses can be a huge financial and emotional investment for an owner. The pre-purchase examination includes a conformational analysis, a full physical examination, a gait analysis with flexions, an ophthalmic examination, and a neurologic examination.

The horse is typically evaluated on a lunge line, in hand, and/or under saddle. These evaluations can be accompanied by further diagnostics such as digital radiography, ultrasonographic evaluation, and/or laboratory analysis (blood work).

An upper airway examination can also be performed as part of the pre-purchase evaluation.  Lukas Equine is equipped with a portable on-site endoscope and gastroscope (cameras used to view the upper airway, trachea, esophagus, and/or stomach).

A pre-purchase evaluation by a veterinarian can help to determine if the horse is suitable for the intended use and more specifically the intended rider.

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