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It is important to examine your horse’s teeth on a regular basis and correct disorders early. Oral examinations are performed twice yearly, typically with spring and fall vaccinations, to determine if and when your horse is in need of a more thorough dental evaluation and occlusal equilibration (also known as teeth floating).

Horse teeth develop sharp enamel points that may interfere with eating and/or performance. They may also need problems corrected such as wolf teeth, retained caps, long teeth, ramps, or hooks. These can all cause negative side effects such as intolerance of the bit, head shaking, dropping feed and in turn loss of weight, failure to pick up a certain lead, or resistance to work.

Lukas Equine Veterinary Service uses power dental equipment. Dental services may include but are not limited to basic/routine occlusal equilibration (also known as teeth floating) to advanced performance floats, young middle aged or geriatric floats, and extractions.

Lukas Equine also is equipped with specialized dental instruments to float horses with malocclusions such as parrot mouth, monkey mouth, or even a horse lacking all incisors.

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