Lukas Equine Veterinary Service

Emergency services are available 24/7/365. If this is an emergency, please call 708-921-5284.

Providing expert care for horses in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs.

A full-service ambulatory clinic with the latest diagnostic equipment and the ability to perform the most current treatments. LEVS provides service to the northwestern Chicago-land area and provides emergency care 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

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Lukas Equine Veterinary Service strives to provide high quality medicine and diagnostics with compassionate care to all equine patients.  LEVS is determined to work with the client, trainer, farrier, and all those involved with an individual horse to devise a specific plan of diagnosis and treatment for each patient.  LEVS will continually strive to improve veterinary knowledge and skill for the benefit of the equine patients. Lukas Equine Veterinary Service promotes preventative medicine and increasing client education in all equine disciplines.



It is important to examine your horse’s teeth on a regular basis and correct disorders early. Oral examinations are performed twice yearly, typically with spring and fall vaccinations.

Digital Ultrasound

A non-invasive digital diagnostic ultrasound is always available on-site for detecting bladder stones, reproductive evaluations, respiratory system evaluation and more.

Digital Equine Radiography Illinois

Digital Radiography

Equine digital radiography are important for lameness evaluations, sinus infections, dental ailments, pre-purchase evaluations, farrier visits, and/or traumatic injuries.

Emergency Services

Lukas Equine Veterinary Service prides ourselves in providing extremely reliable emergency services. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Testimonials for Dr. Kati Lukas

Thank you doctor Lukas for being there for me when I needed you most! The braid you made out of his tail looks amazing! Again you really are the best and your thoughtfulness is like no other vet I have EVER met! (My horse crossed the rainbow bridge and doctor Lukas made the experience as painless and dignified as possible)


Dr. Lukas does it for us again. Flower was recently diagnosed with Laminitis. After Our treatment plan only a few days after being very lame. Flower feels good enough to go outside.